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Chief Chisunga Daster

  • Affiliation: Other
  • Chamber: Senate
  • Positions: Chief
  • Constituency: Mash. Central
  • Gender: Male


Current residential address: Chisunga School, Box 60, Guruve.

Cell numbers: 0772 925 059/ 0771163 999

Family Status: Married to wives with 6 daughters and sons



Academic Achievement

  • Secondary : 'O' Level
  • Any Other Form of Training: Community development, cattering, mechanics

Career in General

  • Chief.

Political History / Career

  • He started politics in 1985 in Greendale as a youth in the ZANU PF Youth Wing in 1993. He was then relocated to the then Guruve District where he was elected to lead a ZANU PF Political district as Chairperson. In 1996 he was elected in Guruve RDC as Ward 11 concillor 2001 DCC  for production and in 2005 he Became Provincial Member for Education before becoming a Member of Parliament in the Senate as a Chief since 2008.

Parliamentary Career

  • Senator since 2008. 

Area of Interest

  • Natural resources , conservation and empowerment programmes.


  • Hunting, playing soccer and playing snooker