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Hon Matienga Margaret

  • Affiliation: MDC
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Sunningdale
  • Gender: Female
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Cell numbers: 0773 010659 / 0712 381 631

Family Status:  Widow – Three girls. First born aged 41 married with three children, second born aged 38 married with three children, third born aged 25 still studying finished O'level and A'Level



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Grade 7 – Chirodza Primary
  • Secondary : O'Level – Harare High Mbare
  • Tertiary: Diploma 2010 – 2011 Public Relations – Zimbabwe Institute of Public Relations
  • Any Other Form of Training : 1977 – Specis College Office Practice and typing, 2002 - WIPSU – Personal Empowerment, 2003 – Local Government Management and Policy Program (ZIPAM), 2004 – Information Communication Technologies (WIPSU),2006 – Training for Transformation (Silveria House)

Political History / Career

  • She joined liberation struggle in 1974. Detained in 1975 part of the formation of MDC-T as the first chairlady of Harare Province in 1999-2000 she went down to be Chairperson of Mbare District 2002 Councilor 2004 national representative elected National Deputy Secretary of Women’s Assembly 2010. She was Re-elected as Deputy Secretary of National Women's Assembly 2008 Member of Parliament. In 2013 she was re-elected Member of Parliament.

Parliamentary Career

  • She was the Chairperson for Gender Women, Youth and Community Development. She was also a  Member of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism and was over sighting the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Indigenization and Empowerment while being a member of the women's caucus, liaison committee. She trained in (I.C.Ts)

Areas of Interest: 

  • Going to church, Community mobilization, helping those in need assisting OVC's
  • still want to learn academically do research. Respect and understand other people's opinion as well as listening to democratic advises. Mingle with different people to get different ideas

Any other Information

  • She is a public figure who likes to socialize with other people especially women and children
  • 2010 – Women in leadership training 2012 social democracy, 2012 women leadership academy Vice Chairperson for Ward 18 Dete, Member of disaster preparedness in ward 18


  • Reading books, Watching TV, Going to church, Listening to radio