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Hon Carter Micheal

  • Affiliation: MDC
  • Chamber: Senate
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Bulawayo
  • Gender: Male


Current residential address: 38 Napier Avenue, Hillside, Bulawayo.


Cell numbers: 0772 424 573

Family Status: Married with 3adult children and 6 grandsons



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Godfrey Huggins Primary School
  • Secondary : Peterhouse School
  • Tertiary: University of Cape Town and University of Zimbabwe
  • Any Other Form of Training: UNISA

Career in General

  • 1976-82 he was a teacher in Marondera high/ Peterhouse, 1983-1987 he was an Entrepreneur, 1988-2002 be was a farmer, and 2003-2012 he was a consultant.

Political History / Career

  • Elected Senator for Bulawayo in July 2013.

Parliamentary Career

  • Elected Senator for Bulawayo. 

Any other information

  • Displaced farmer from Mashonaland without compensation.

Area of Interest

  • Politics, Community Development, Sport and Farming.


  • walking, squash, golf