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Hon Chikwinya Nyasha Eunice Annie Grace

  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Mutare South
  • Gender: Female
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Current residential address: c/o no. 2 Droitwich  Ave, Northwood Mt Pleasant Harare

Cell numbers: 0772 766 754. 0715 515 800

Marital Status: Mother of one child



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Hartzel School 
  • Secondary : Chindunduma youth academy Gondola Mozambique
  • Tertiary: University of Zimbabwe
  • Any Other Form of Training:  Military Training (Guerrilla warfare) ZANLA forces, Military wing of ZANU (PF)1975 – 1976 Chimoio Mozambique. Trained as a Political Education Instructor, special areas – Historical and Dialectical Materialism, National Diploma in Secretarial Studies, Harare Politechnic 1980 – 1981, Diploma In Social Wor,Special Area Youth And Community Development - University Of Zambia – Lusaka Campus 1981 – 1983, Certificate In Research And Evaluation – Germany Foundation Of Adult Education 1984 – 1985, Certificate In Interior Deco.
    And Design Harare Polytechnic 1989 – 1999, Diploma In Public Relations, Marketing, Sales And Sales Management (Lcci) London Uk 1990 – 1991, Diploma  In Adult Education ( D Ed) Special Area Training, University  Of Zimbabwe – Harare Campus 1988 – 1990, Bachelors Degree In Adult Education Programme, University Of Zimbabwe – Harare Campus. Trained As A Diplomat – Diplomatic Training Programme. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs – Harare – Zimbabwe April  May 1990.

Career in General

  • Women's League Assistant Secretary, Mozambique Matola, secondary school teacher Chindunduma youth academy gondola, Mozambique 1977 – 1978, private secretary grade 1 (one) public service April 1980 – Dec 1980, Senior Research and Planning Officer, Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture, Zimbabwe government 1984 – 1986, deputy director Zimbabwe National Youth Council, Zimbabwe government 1986 - 1988, director / Assistant Secretary (research), Ministry of Community, Co- operative Development and Women's Affairs, Zimbabwe Government 1988 – 1990, Acting under Secretary – National Service, Ministry of Youth, sport and culture, Zimbabwe government 1990 – 1993, member of the House of Assembly Zimbabwe parliament 1995 - 2000

Political History / Career

  • Went for a Military Training (Guerrilla warfare) under ZANLA forces, Military wing of ZANU (PF)1975 – 1976 Chimoio Mozambique. Political education instructor Chimoio, Mozambique 1976 – 1977.

Parliamentary Career

  • Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on : - Finance, Economic and Development Ministries. Member of the parliamentary select committee on: - parastatals and state investments, executive member of the commonwealth parliamentary association. Constitutional commissioner-constitutional commission of 1999

Area of Interest

  • Working  with  women  in the  areas  of  empowerment, skills  training  and business  development, Mining  and  Horticulture Produce


  • I  Love Travelling To  Learn More About The World  Its  people and Culture, Cooking, Home And  Gardening and  listening  to  Gospel music