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Hon Mpofu Rossy Ngozi

  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Chipinge East
  • Gender: Female
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Postal address: Mbuya Village, Chief Fuyana, Matobo


Cell numbers: 0716 009 934

Marital Status: Married with 2 children, Nothando kazengezi(Female) and Fortune Tshabalala(male)



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Lotche Primary School
  • Secondary : St Columbus


Career in General

  • From 1990-2000 she was in the Bulawayo District five Women's Affairs Secretariat, from 2001 to 2004 she was Matobo District Secretary for Finance, from 2005 to 2008 she was Matabeleland South Provincial  Secretary  for  Women's Affairs and from  2008 to 2013 she was a provincial  Member  only  because of  eyesight problems.

Political History / Career

  • She joined the liberation struggle in 1977 in Zambia under ZIPRA forces, she crossed through Mtjilotji Camp in Botswana, from there she was taken to VC camp (Zambia). In 1978, she was transferred to Mukushi Assembly point where she undertook her military training. She also participated in Cultural groups, singing and dancing. During that time she went to the International Festival in Cuba with the Late Vice President Joshua Nkomo and came back in 1980 with the late Vice President. In 1982 I was demobilized at Siera Assembly Point in Gweru. In 1983 she became a member of the Youth League in the ZAPU party, she then joined the ZANU PF party in 1987 under the Unity Accord. 1990-1995 she was a member of the Youth League in Chinamano District Bulawayo. 1996-2000 she was Youth League Commissar in the same district. 2001-2002 she was Zanu PF Youth Secretary for Security Zimanyoni Ward 19, Matobo. In 2003 she became Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity in the Women's league and then became Secretary for Information and Publicity in 2004. 2005-2008 she became Zanu PF Matebeleland South Provincial Commissar in the Women's League. In 2009 she was co-opted into the Central Committee and from 2010 to date she is a Central Member for Matebeleland South Province.

Parliamentary Career

  • Came onto Parliament through Proportional Representation. 

Area of Interest

  • Public Service and Women Affairs.


  • Singing, Culture, Politics, Interacting on Women Affairs and Counselling