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Hon Makunde Tendayi

  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Murehwa North
  • Gender: Male
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Postal address: M.K Agric, Box 142 Macheke

Cell numbers: 0772305714

Marital Status: Married with seven children.



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Grade 7, Nhowe  Mission 1963-70
  • Secondary : 1971-74 Sec Nhowe Mission, Macheke
  • Tertiary: Certificate in Community work and Diploma in Local Government Administration.
  • Any Other Form of Training: Military.

Career in General

  • Administrator in local government affairs.

Political History / Career

  • Joined ZANU PF in 1975, served as political commissioner for liberation forces, Councillor for Mrewa R.D.C 1983-88, Provincial political comissor- ZANU. PF till date, Senator for Mrewa senatorial Constituency 2008-2013. 

Parliamentary Career

  • Peace and security Thematic Committee, Local government.

Area of Interest

  • Mining, Farming.


  • Travelling, Fishing and Farming