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Hon Sibanda Zenzo

  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: National Assembly
  • Positions: Member of Parliament
  • Constituency: Tsholotsho
  • Gender: Male
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Current residential address: Tsholotsho R.D.C Box 40, Tsholotsho 


Cell numbers: 0772 271 329 / 0772321871



Academic Achievement

  • Primary : Mavorovondo Primary School 
  • Secondary : Manyama High School
  • Tertiary: Diploma in project Management and Development

Political History / Career

  • He was a District Chairperson in 1990, in 1999 he became a DEC Tsholotcho Secretary before becoming the Provincial Secretary for Administration in Matabeleland north. In 2008 he was the Zanu PF candidate for Tsholotsho North and was elected in 2013 as a Member of Parliament for Tsholotsho South

Parliamentary Career

  • Newly Elected

Area of Interest

  • Tourism and Environment


  • Traditional Dance