Hon Madzongwe Edna

  • Affiliation: Zanu-PF
  • Chamber: Senate
  • Positions: President of Senate
  • Constituency: N/A
  • Gender: Female

The President of the Senate, Honourable Edna Madzongwe is the presiding officer of the Senate, whose main function is to guide and regulate the proceedings in the Senate. It is also the duty of the President of the Senate to ensure that the powers and privileges of the Senate are observed.


  • Did secondary education at Goromonzi High school.
  • Did undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Worcester Campus. Earned a BA Degree in English as major subject and Psychology as a minor subject.
  • Undertook post graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus and earned a Masters of Education. Specialized in Educational Psychology and Urban Education. Have a certificate in the teaching of English, certificate in Guidance and counselling.
  • Completed course work for a Doctoral Degree in Education as well as the comprehensive exams. My chosen are for this was Non Formal teacher Exhibition. All the above studies were with the University Of Massachusetts, Amherst Camp


  • I was a member of the Highfeild Youth, from the time I was in primary school into the time I was in secondary school. This was because I grew up up in a politically active family, my eldest brother Erick Gwanzura being one of the early nationalists and detainees together with two first cousins Phannuel and Zacharia Gwanzura. The two cousins are now late.
  • In 1966 after UDI, we were sent by the party in Highfeild to go to Lusaka Zambia with other ZANU PF youth where we awaited deployment to designated countries either for military training or academic education. I was posted to join other ZANU PF party students in USA where I did my university studies.
  • While in the USA, I was a member of the ZANU party students Activists together with comrades Kumbira Kangai, Rugare Gumbo and many others.
  • We were active in the collection of money and clothing for freedom fighters who were in the front. Earlier on, before the establishment of our party in Mozambique, activities we carried out were demonstrations at the UN in New York against enemy countries and addressing civic groups on the plight of our country under the Smith regime. We were advocating for the emancipation of our country.
  • From the mid seventies onward, my late husband and I were instrumental in placing Zimbabwean refugee students at Lowell University in Massachusetts. Up to now the town of Lowell has a sizeable Zimbabwean community.
  • In the late seventies, we were able to hold frequent ZANU PF meetings, coordinated by Cde Tirivafi Kangai, where we were briefed on the war and what was expected of us in order to continue helping the fighters. We were also to prepare to go back home and give services according to our professional qualifications.
  • After Zimbabwe won its independence in 1980, my husband and I returned home and joined the Mubaira ZANU PF district in Mhondoro. In 1985, we transferred to Saruwe ZANU PF district where I was elected chairwoman.
  • I continued with party development programmes such as scholarships for Adult education for Ex- Combatants, with Cde Mutumbuka.
  • When the post of secretary for women's rights was introduced, I was elected to that position at provincial level.
  • At the 1987 provincial conference, I was elected secretary for education.
  • I was nominated by the provincial women's league to be a member of the central committee. At the 1989 National Congress when ZAPU had united, at that historic national Congress, I was nominated to the Politiburo, as one of only four women who were in the Politburo after (Cdes. Amai Sally Mugabe, J.T.R Mujuru, T. Lesabe) which was the highest organ of the ZANU PF party. I held the position of deputy Secretary for Education at that point, deputising Cde J.T.R Mujuru, in the Politburo, a position I carried for two consecutive terms.
  • At the 1999 congress, I was again elected by my province, Mashonaland West to the central committee and nominated to the politburo as deputy Secretary for Labour and production for two terms.
  • At the last National Congress I was nominated to the position of committee member of the Politburo.
  • All in all, I have been a Politburo member for 25years, a record I am proud of as a ZANU PF cadre who has served her party diligently and consistently.


  • In 1990, I left the civil service and went into full fledged politics and became an elected MP for Kadoma East constituency. As an MP I chaired several committees of Parliament as well as being a member of some. I was the 1st woman MP to chair a Standing committee of Parliament in the history of Zimbabwe.
  • In 1994 I was appointed the deputy Minister of Education and Culture.
  • 1995 after the general elections, I was elected by my peers to be Deputy Speaker of the House Of Parliament of Zimbabwe and chairman of committees. I made history as the first woman ever to become a presiding officer in the history of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, thanks to ZANU PF's progressive policy of promoting women. I held this position until 2005.
  • On the 30th of November 2005, I was afforded the great honour of st being elected the 1 female President of The Senate in the history of rd Zimbabwe and Africa, to lead the 3 Arm of the Zimbabwean Government which is the Legislature. Position which again I was elected to in 2008 in the seventh Parliament.


  • Led the Parliamentary delegation to the Beijing Women's Conference.
  • Member of the forum for African women Educationalists (FAWE)
  • Held position of president, world Women Parliamentarians for peace.
  • Have led many parliamentary delegations to international conferences.
  • Currently I hold the position of second deputy president of the African Parliamentary Union (APU), an organization of parliaments in Africa including Arab speaking countries.
Hon. Edna Madzongwe