3-5 November 2016

ZITF Hall, Bulawayo

Administrator November 3, 201612:12 pm

Welcome to the 2017 Pre-Budget Seminar which is currently underway at the ZITF Hall in Bulawayo, the City of Kings and Queens.

Our sincere apologies to all our followers for failing to give you the events as they happened as we had a challenge with electricity and the internet.

However, we are going to be giving you the highlights of the events as power has just been restored.

Administrator November 3, 201612:38 pm

The programme began with registration of delegates. The Clerk of Parliament Mr K. M. Chokuda facilitated the opening session.

Administrator November 3, 201612:42 pm

The Clerk of Parliament Mr K. M. Chokuda invited the Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Hon E. S. Moyo to give her welcome remarks.

Administrator November 3, 201612:45 pm

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Hon E. S. Moyo welcomed the delegates to her Province and told them to feel at home.

Administrator November 3, 201612:48 pm

The following is a collage of pictures of the proceedings. The Hall is full to capacity with a total of 237 Members of Parliament who have already registered and more still coming in and a total of 40 invited guests and stakeholders.

Administrator November 3, 201612:49 pm

Administrator November 3, 201612:50 pm

Administrator November 3, 201612:51 pm

Administrator November 3, 201612:56 pm

Administrator November 3, 201612:56 pm

Administrator November 3, 201612:59 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly Hon Adv. J. F. Mudenda gave his Keynote address.

Administrator November 3, 20161:03 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly started his remarks on a lighter note and commended the Members for being well dressed except for only five members.

Administrator November 3, 20161:06 pm

One of the five members not properly dressed was whisked away by security details.

Hon T. Saruwaka who was clad in an attractive flag jacket was prohibited from entering the Hall.

Administrator November 3, 20161:23 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly gave his keynote address and the major highlights were on;
– the choice of Bulawayo as the venue for the pre-budget was deliberate and because of the City’s Rich historical significance and as a way of “taking Parliament to the people”.
– The resuscitation of companies that had closed down and why this happened.

The Speaker indicated that the objectives of the Pre-Budget Seminar, must be predicated on domestic resource mobilisation if we are to craft a Budget which enhances transformative economic development. The seminar must focus on;
1. Reviewing the macro-economic performance of the current National Budget
2. Determine priorities for the 2017 National Budget premised on the input Parliament has received from stakeholders and the general public
3. Proposing SMART solutions for growing the national cake through domestic resource mobilisation.

Administrator November 3, 20161:26 pm

He highlighted the seminal theme for this year’s Pre-Budget Seminar as

“Enhancing Transformative Economic Development through Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Utilisation”

Administrator November 3, 20161:33 pm

– The Speaker pointed out his expectation for Committees of Parliament to anchor on domestic resource mobilisation.

– He appealed to Parliament to take the lead in fostering a paradigm shift from decrying inadequate budgetary allocation without proffering concrete suggestions on how the country can boost revenue inflows.

Administrator November 3, 20161:40 pm

The Speaker encouraged Parliamentarians to come up with legislative proposals to
– Incentivize productivity;
– Harness the contribution of the informal sector into the mainstream economy;
– Incentivize and attract domestic investors;
– Promote value addition and beneficiation of our mineral resources and other agro-resources;
– Tighten loose ends in tax legislation which allow for tax avoidance;
– Improve the Ease of Doing Business environment to lure foreign and domestic investors and
– Stem the growing tide of corruptive malfeasance and the attendant leakage of domestic resources in the form of capital flight

Administrator November 3, 20161:42 pm

The Speaker noted that Parliament is concerned about non-implementation of audit findings by the Public Account Committee (PAC). The audits reports revealed as the Speaker said, rampant abuse of public resources by government departments yet little has been done to rectify the economic cancer.

Administrator November 3, 20161:47 pm

The Speaker also took time to remind the gathering of the critical role Parliament plays in the National Budget process which needs not to be underestimated.

This brings us to the end of the keynote address by the Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate J. F. Mudenda at the ZITF Hall- Bulawayo

Thank you for following us.