Administrator November 21, 20175:52 pm

As a result of the President’s resignation the business of the joint sitting of the Senate and National Assembly has been suspended. Until next time good bye.

Administrator November 21, 20175:50 pm

We are unable to continue with the proceedings because the President Hon. R. G. Mugabe has just tendered in his resignation to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Administrator November 21, 20175:45 pm

Lastly, I would like to thank Gen. Chiwenga for the stance he has taken.

Administrator November 21, 20175:42 pm

He is one man who was found wanting as he made irrational decisions for example, he did not admonish his Vice President Hon Mphoko when he went around police stations releasing suspects.

Administrator November 21, 20175:41 pm

Hon. Senator Shadreck Chipanga – I rise to speak with a heavy heart, because we are talking of a man with war credentials, who I walked with for a long time.

Administrator November 21, 20175:35 pm

I call upon all Houses to support this motion.

Administrator November 21, 20175:34 pm

The President acknowledged that there was a crisis in this country. I applaud General Chiwenga for the stern stance that he took.

Administrator November 21, 20175:33 pm

Section 119 says that Parliament must protect the Constitution, this is what we are doing since there are a lot of misdemeanors and malpractice.

Administrator November 21, 20175:32 pm

Hon Mandipaka – My debate will be precise and short. I debate this motion with a heavy heart, considering the good work that he has done.

Administrator November 21, 20175:31 pm

Everyone has been turned into vendors, MPs are always talking about their welfare, this mirrors what is prevailing in the society.

He thanked Hon M. Mutsvangwa for raising the motion.
Administrator November 21, 20175:29 pm

He president over 90% unemployment and uses medical facilities in Malaysia. Leaders should pride themselves in their infrastructure, what is food for the goose should be food for the gender.

Administrator November 21, 20175:26 pm

Hon. J. Maridadi continues – We are in the dawn of a new era, people must be tolerant to divergent views. President Mugabe was arrogant and presided over impunity.

Administrator November 21, 20175:25 pm

Speaker’s intervention – You need to be honourable and tell the truth.

Administrator November 21, 20175:23 pm

The MDC has always been telling the nation since 1999. My motion was not accepted by Parliament then but it is the same motion that is before the House today.

Administrator November 21, 20175:22 pm

President Mugabe cared for personal power his wife and children.

Administrator November 21, 20175:21 pm

In 1980 the Zim Dollar was at par with the British pound. 25 years later Zimbabwean Dollar collapses.

Administrator November 21, 20175:20 pm

In four years he has fired two Vice Presidents on allegation of plotting to kill him. Fired twelve Ministers, barely three years later Hon. W. Shamu and Hon. P. Chimedza bounce back as Ministers.

Administrator November 21, 20175:18 pm

All future Presidents should draw lessons from Mugabe’s rule.

Administrator November 21, 20175:17 pm

My speech is in memory of Itayi Dzamara whose only crime which led to his disappearance, and is not hear to witness this momentous occasion.

Administrator November 21, 20175:16 pm

Lookout Masuku a decorated war hero was incacerated by Robert Mugabe denied him his freedom. He died after his release from prison and was denied burial at the Heroes Acre.

Administrator November 21, 20175:14 pm

The time has come to collectively put our signatures to the departure of Robert Mugabe.

Administrator November 21, 20175:13 pm

Hon. James Maridadi is now debating the motion as the seconder of the motion.

Administrator November 21, 20175:13 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Adv. J. F. Mudenda reminds the public from participating since their role is to listen to the proceedings.

Administrator November 21, 20175:11 pm

Hon Monica Mutsvangwa calls upon the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders to set up a Committee to investigate these allegations.

Administrator November 21, 20175:10 pm

We were shocked by the behaviour of the President’s wife as Zimbabwe Women’s Caucus. We cannot tolerate a woman who shouts all the time, the women in politics represent the people they deserve better, a rotten apple should not lead to the throwing away of the whole basket.

Administrator November 21, 20175:08 pm

– Incapacitated mentality due to old age, this is amplified by the President reading a wrong speech in Parliament.

Administrator November 21, 20175:01 pm

– Reversed the appointment of Prosecutor General, Ray Goba in order to protect Prof. Moyo.

Administrator November 21, 20175:00 pm

Defeating the course of justice in the misappropriation of funds by Hon. Minister Prof. J. Moyo.

Administrator November 21, 20174:59 pm

– Failure to obey, uphold and willful violation of the Constitution.

Administrator November 21, 20174:57 pm

– Allowed his wife to threaten to kill the Vice President E. Mnangagwa and others.

Administrator November 21, 20174:57 pm

– Allowing his wife to insult Vice President Mnangagwa and other government officials in public.

Administrator November 21, 20174:56 pm

– Allowed his wife to access privileged information, which was acknowledged during many political rallies.

Administrator November 21, 20174:54 pm

Hon Monica Mutsvangwa has laid the following allegations;

Abrogated Constitutional mandate to his wife who among other things dismissed Ministers, Civil Servants and many others;
Allegations of corruption,
Administrator November 21, 20174:51 pm

The Question before the House, is to establish if the President has fallen foul of Section 97 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe;

a) serious misconduct

b) failure to obey, uphold or defend this Constitution
c) wilful violation of this Constitution; or
d) inability to perform the functions of the Office because of physical or mental incapacity;
should be investigated in terms of the said section.

Administrator November 21, 20174:47 pm

The motion was seconded by Hon. James Maridadi.

Administrator November 21, 20174:46 pm

Hon. Monica Mutsvangwa has moved the motion for impeachment in terms of Section 97 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which calls for the removal of the President by the joint sitting of the Senate and the National Assembly.

Administrator November 21, 20174:43 pm

Members of Parliament have just hackled Hon. Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Hon . H. Bonyongwe.

Administrator November 21, 20174:41 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Adv. J. F. Mudenda has just finished the prayer.

Administrator November 21, 20174:39 pm

The President of the Senate’s procession has just entered the Chamber immediately followed by that of the Speaker.

Administrator November 21, 20174:38 pm

Bells are being rung signalling the start of the joint sitting.

Administrator November 21, 20174:38 pm

Welcome to this momentous occasion in the history of Parliament of Zimbabwe, were we are bringing you coverage of today’s joint sitting of the Senate and the National Assembly. This historic coverage will be brought to you by Ms. T.L. Manyemba and Mr A. Nyamuramba.