Welcome to the Launch of the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence Campaign 2018 – Lighting of Parliament.

Mr A. Nyamuramba and Ms T. L. Manyemba will be giving you updates for the event.

Administrator November 26, 20187:39 pm

Thank you for following us until we meet again next time is bye bye for now and goodnight.

Administrator November 26, 20187:38 pm

The Speaker of the National Assembly has lit the Parliament Building orange signifying the official launch of the 16 days of activism Against Gender Based Violence.

Administrator November 26, 20187:36 pm

No serious research has been carried out to find out the root cause of GBV. Musha mukadzi in our culture there is a special place for the mother.

The Netherlands Embassy should continue to be the partner for sustainable programmes that run throughout the year through partnering the ZWPC. Let us invite the men so that they don’t pass silly jokes, let us walk side by side as men and women so that we remain focused as apostles or advocates of the eradication of domestic gender based violence.
Administrator November 26, 20187:30 pm

In my experience as a lawyer, I have come across situations where the victim of GBV withdraw charges against their assailants the reason being that the poor lady has forsaken her right since she has no means to support herself and her children if her offending husband is convicted and sentenced to a jail term.

Administrator November 26, 20187:28 pm

In our African culture the perpetrators of GBV are called mabhinya asina hunhu anobhinya ana amai. This shows that our culture does not condone GBV. Parliament should come up with robust legislation that adequately deals with the perpetrators of GBV. These laws should also be supported through the institution of traditional leaders such as sabhuku, sadunhu and nemadzishe.

Administrator November 26, 20187:25 pm

He pointed out that the remembrance of this occasion for the 16 days of activism against GBV should be a daily event, so that we truly become the apostles advocating for the eradication of GBV. This should also be extended to all schools so that men and women share the same dignity despite our different stations in life.

Administrator November 26, 20187:21 pm

Remarks by Hon Speaker of the National Assembly.

In his keynote address Hon Adv. J. F. Mudenda firstly acknowledged the surprise gift of flowers that he has received from the Ambassador of the Netherlands.
Administrator November 26, 20187:10 pm

Remarks by Her Excellency The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Ms Barbara Van Hellermond.

In the Netherlands man / women are equal hence the eradication of gender based violence is critical.

GBV can take place in the form of physical violence, rape and denial to resources.

There is no excuse for violence, the amount of verbal, physical and sexual abuse that women politicians are subjected to is quite appalling.

Today the lighting of Parliament orange in line with the Parliament’s vision as wella s finding the Clerk and Speaker of the National Assembly as better allies to this worthy cause.

There are boundaries to be pushed, Parliament has the tools to end Gender Based Violence.

Let us make every woman and girl in Zimbabwe safe.

Today’s receiver of roses is the Ambassador of the He for She Campaign, Hon Adv. J. F. Mudenda.

Administrator November 26, 20187:01 pm

The Deputy Chairperson gave the speech on behalf of the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus. The speech delivered on the crusade against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Accolades were given to the Speaker of the National Assembly for championing the He for She campaign. The Speaker of the National Assembly became the Ambassador for the eradication of Gender Based Violence.
The 16 days calls for the elimination of GBV against women and girls. It is critical for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Administrator November 26, 20186:55 pm

Welcome remarks by the Deputy Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Hon. S. Bhudha-Masara.

Administrator November 26, 20186:49 pm

The evening’s proceedings have now started with a prayer by Hon M. Chikukwa followed by introductions by the Director of Ceremonies, Mr. K. M. Chokuda, the Clerk of Parliament.