Administrator November 30, 201812:49 pm

Thank you for joining us.

Administrator November 30, 201812:48 pm

Administrator November 30, 201812:46 pm

Administrator November 30, 201812:46 pm

Administrator November 30, 201812:46 pm

The Picture collage shows His Excellency, President E.D Mnangagwa delivering the Keynote address at the ground breaking ceremony for the New Parliament Building in Mt. Hampden while the top table listens attentively.

Administrator November 30, 201812:37 pm

Thanked the President for being a practical leader who is living up to his promise. Thanked the Chinese for the construction of such an important building. Expressed gratitude to all dignitaries who graced the occasion and lastly thanked the organizers for organizing such a successful function.

Administrator November 30, 201812:35 pm

Deemed it a great to give vote of thanks. Zimbabweans are grateful for the construction of this important building where important democratic practices takes place. It is only befitting that such building should have ambiance befitting the legislators role, as one of the Three Arms of the State.

Administrator November 30, 201812:27 pm

VP Mohadi to give the vote of thanks.

Administrator November 30, 201812:24 pm

The President is now performing the ground breaking ceremony at the new Parliament building.

Administrator November 30, 201812:22 pm

Hotels, Banks and shopping malls are going to be constructed in and around the new building. He appealed to private sector to take advantage and invest bit if they sleep others will take over from them. He urged all the traditional leaders to carry out the necessary rituals. Where Government is now building with the other arms of government. The creation of a city to be admired by others calls for the inclusion of architectural designs that incorporates our rich cultural and national heritage. Declared the construction site officially commissioned.

Administrator November 30, 201812:15 pm

The legislative structure construction is the first building project to be undertaken in this location which will eventually see all the Three Arms of State relocating to Mt Hampden.

Administrator November 30, 201812:15 pm

Chinese are hardworking people,whose work ethics allows half of their workforce to sleep while the other half works. It is hope that our Zimbabwean architects and engineers are alive to the fact that we are in a hurry to catch up with the Region and the rest of the world. Zimbabwe is geared towards the attainment of a top middle class income economy by 2030.

Administrator November 30, 201812:12 pm

Infrastructural developments are now taking place, Zimbabwe is now road linked and and not landlocked. Unfair criticism made on Zimbabwe by the western countries is uncalled for because some western countries also come to China to ask for loans. Reminded Members of Parliament (MPs) both present and absent that hard work and diligence is an admirable trait. Exhorted MPs that the law should facilitate and promote development. MPs must truly represent the people. He called upon the public to hold their MPs accountable to the people in discharging their duties.

Administrator November 30, 201812:05 pm

We are having this day because of my last state visit to China, our discussion with His Excellency Xiaoping we raised our relationship to a strategic level. He put aside the non payment of Zimbabwe’s debt. China put aside $1.7 billion was put aside for Hwange 7 and 8 and work is going on well. Net One, RG Mugabe airport and the construction of a magnificent Parliament building has been made possible our friends. We are ashamed that in the midst of it all we did not make efforts to repay our debt. We now have a new dispensation which is the game changer and we will repay our debts going forward.

Administrator November 30, 201811:57 am

His Excellency’s remarks

Delighted to officiate at this ground breaking ceremony and laying of the foundation stone for the New Parliament building. This act marks the commencement of the construction of the New Parliament building whose details have been aptly described by the President of Senate.

Administrator November 30, 201811:55 am

He invited His Excellency to the podium to give his speech.

Administrator November 30, 201811:54 am

Not only is Zimbabwe open for business but it is now open for dialogueand you have now come to lay the foundatio of the home for talks and debates-Parliament.

Administrator November 30, 201811:53 am

A narration of H.E’s life of struggle and how he missed the hangman’s noose by a whisker because he was under age.

Administrator November 30, 201811:52 am

Parliament is an important institution it should not be lost to the whole world that our friends during the liberation struggle who equipped our struggle now builds our Parliament.

Administrator November 30, 201811:48 am

Vice President Rtd Gen. Dr C.G.N. Chiwenga is called upon to introduce the Guest of Honor. VP Chiwenga’s remarks: On this very important event, where I have called upon to introduce the Guest of Honor it is not lost to me that we have a good existing relationship with the Chinese. Harmonized elections ushered the new Republic led by the Guest of Honor. A new structure will be built on this hill with the grant made possible by the Chinese.

Administrator November 30, 201811:44 am

Grateful to the Chinese for providing the funding as well as undertaking the actual construction of the New Parliament Building being undertaken by Shanghai Construction Group.

Administrator November 30, 201811:43 am

Hon Chinomona’s remarks:
On behalf of the Speaker of the National Assembly, MPs and staff, we express our gratitude for the construction of the new Parliament Building. This comes at a time when the current building is now archaic and causing hardships on both internal and external users. It is high time a new building is built.This is befitting since MPs have now come up with a new vision. Parliament has these problems of road congestion, congested houses during events such as the State of the Nation Address, National Budget and Official Opening of Parliament. MPs now flout the rules by double parking. Section 141 cannot be fulfilled because of lack of rooms for stakeholders. Parliament is grateful that the President has now hit the ground running, members vision of achieving world class Parliament can now be realised. It is hoped that the legislators can now do their work unconstrained.

Administrator November 30, 201811:36 am

Under the Forcac summit China has agreed to give financial support in eight project areas to Africa worth 60 billion dollars. Opportunities should be grabbed with both hands as His Excellency has always said. The Ease of Doing Business to get on board the Chinese train in order to achieve success. Action and more action is required. He took the opportunity to congratulate the President and people of Zimbabwe for the construction of the new Parliament Building.

Administrator November 30, 201811:33 am

China has enjoyed significant development during the past four decades and is now second largest economy. Zimbabwe is also a beneficiary of the Chinese Zimbabwean Partnership, which is growing from strength to strength. Government of China made special arrangements to release 1.5 billion dollars for the upgrade of the Robert Mugabe International Airport and the construction of Hwange Thermal Power Station’s generators 7 and 8 power expansion programme.

Administrator November 30, 201811:29 am

Chinese Ambassador:
It is a pleasure to attend the ground breaking ceremony, congratulates His Excellency the President Cde ED Mnangagwa and people of Zimbabwe, for the construction of the six storey building. Hopes the construction will last 32 months. The construction of the New Parliament marks the construction of the New City of Harare. Zimbabwe will become a major beacon in Southern Africa as it is ably led by President E.D. Mnangagwa. The ground breaking ceremony comes on the heels of the launching of the Arcadia Lithium Mine in Goromonzi on Monday.

Administrator November 30, 201811:23 am

This picture collage shows the Zimbabwe Republic Police band going through its dance moves as they attend the gathering at the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Administrator November 30, 201811:22 am

Administrator November 30, 201811:22 am

Seated from left to right, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Tsitsi Gezi and the President of the Senate, Hon Mable Memory Chinomona, who is the Acting Head of Parliament patiently await the arrival of the Guest of Honor.

Administrator November 30, 201811:22 am

Members of Parliament who came to witness the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Administrator November 30, 201811:22 am

Members of ZANU PF’s Politburo also graced the occasion.

Administrator November 30, 201811:21 am

Administrator November 30, 201811:21 am

Administrator November 30, 201811:21 am

Administrator November 30, 201811:01 am

Spacious building will accommodate two houses viz The Senate and the National Assembly, offices, committee rooms, media rooms, offices and other supporting amenities such as banks will be constructed. this will lead to decongestant of the Central Business Centre.

Administrator November 30, 201810:54 am

Minister of Finance has budgeted funding for the construction which is envisaged to be completed in 30 months will give the MPs a conducive working environment.

Administrator November 30, 201810:53 am

Minister Moyo desdcribed today’s event as an auspicious occasion where the ground breaking ceremony is in line with the nation’s vision to implement and sustain infrastructural development.

Administrator November 30, 201810:51 am

The Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Mr George Magosvongo in his welcome remarks introduced the two Vice Presidents, President of Senate, MPs Chinese Ambassador’s representative and Head of Delegation, Minister of Local Government Hon July Moyo, several ministers, Minister of State for Mashonaland West, Hon M. Mliswa, private and public servants, press and ladies and gentlemen.

Administrator November 30, 201810:44 am

Both Vice Presidents are in attendance and have taken their seats among VVIPs.

Administrator November 30, 201810:41 am

Immediately followed by a prayer.

Administrator November 30, 201810:41 am

The national anthem is now being played to mark the beginning of today’s proceedings.

Administrator November 30, 201810:30 am

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has now arrived at the site of the New Parliament Building. He has just been whisked to the holding room for briefing. Already in the waiting room are the President of the Senate Hon M. M. Chinomona who is the Acting Head of Parliament and the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hon T. Gezi.

Administrator November 30, 201810:23 am

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hon T. Gezi and the President of the Senate Hon M. M. Chinomona are already at the venue waiting for the State President’s gracing of the occasion.

Administrator November 30, 201810:22 am

The Zimbabwe Republic Police band entertains the invited guests at the ground breaking ceremony.

Administrator November 30, 201810:19 am

Senior management of Parliament also await the arrival of His Excellency President E. D. Mnangagwa.