Welcome to the Launch of the 8th Parliament Zimbabwe Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Photobook 16 MAY 2019.

Mr A. Nyamuramba and Ms T. L. Manyemba will be giving you updates from the launch.

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Thank you for following us, until we meet next time, its goodbye from us.

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The picture collage shows the proceedings of the day during today’s official launch of the 8th Parliament ZWPC Photobook.

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The Speaker thereafter officially launched the 8th Parliament ZWPC photobook.

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The Speaker promised to lobby political parties to ensure that Women representation in Parliament is maintained and furthermore thrive to encourage the political parties to have in their constitutions the gender parity laws.

Administrator May 16, 201910:55 am

Parliament of Zimbabwe will continue supporting the ZWPC, he thanked all the development partners for their support and in a special way thanked SIDA, Gender and Media Connect, Research Advocate Unit and Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association.

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Research has shown that women are portrayed negatively by the media, that gender stereotyping by the media will be dispelled through the publication of this colourful and informative storybook.

The Speaker congratulated the ZWPC and observed the contributions of the women MPs in the Beijing Declaration which is not a threat at all to the males.
Administrator May 16, 201910:48 am

The publication will inspire the younger generation to participate in economic and political arena.

Administrator May 16, 201910:47 am

The photobook should be a beautiful tool for enhancing the ZWPC’s work in telling the story of Women MPs in their own way.

Administrator May 16, 201910:47 am

In 2013 Palestinian author said that photography was her eyes and that the camera was her pen and light was her ink. Photography has now become one of the most sticking matrix for the ZWPC in their campaign.

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55 percent of the Law Students at the University of Zimbabwe are now female, as a result of the championing ZWPC. Hoped the new maternity leave law will allow women to enjoy a fully paid leave while on maternity and hopefully this will also be extended to men so that they can take care of the children.

Administrator May 16, 201910:42 am

The ZWPC has influenced the passing of key legislation e.g. the 2013 Constitution which is hailed worldwide for its gender parity thrust, now made possible through the contributions of women.

Administrator May 16, 201910:40 am

An increase of the representation of women has gone a long way in addressing the negative perception of women in Parliament.

Administrator May 16, 201910:40 am

God created Adam and said he was not complete, so he urged the women to work with men. Wives should never leave their husbands, brother and uncles at home, they need men’s support.

Administrator May 16, 201910:38 am

The efforts of the ZWPC members should be supported unreservedly, it contributes to the flourishing of our gender equality as enshrined in the Constitution.

Administrator May 16, 201910:37 am

The life stories graphically show that the world of politics remains challenging but not insurmountable to the women MPs.

The struggle of the female MPs need to be contextualised this started in 1800s in Britain and in the 1900s they were allowed to vote at the age of 31. What ZWPC has achieved is highly recommendable.
Administrator May 16, 201910:34 am

Started by saying that he is exceedingly delighted to welcome all the guests to the launch of the picture book. Delighted that its first one of its kind in the history of the Zimbabwean Parliament, this signals a new trajectory in the history of the ZWPC.

Administrator May 16, 201910:29 am

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Advocate Jacob Francis Mudenda is now invited to the podium to give his remarks and officially launch the Photobook.

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The Photobook is a first in the Region and it is hoped that it will spur the women to champion women’s rights issues. It is hoped that ZWPC will continue advocating for the 50/50 representation.

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Targeting of women and girls ensures that Sweden adheres its noble idea of the attainment of peace worldwide.

Since women constitute 52 percent of the women voters their representation in Parliament is not high enough, as well in the leadership positions that they hold.
Administrator May 16, 201910:24 am

The Embassy has a strong focus on gender equality and women development. The Embassy seeks to ensure that women are recognised and celebrated hence the launch of the ZWPC Photobook.

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The Embassy of Sweden, Charge D’ Affaires; Ms Mettie Sunnergren, started by saying that she is privileged and honoured to be the fourth woman Speaker at today’s proceedings.

Administrator May 16, 201910:19 am

She also indicated that the Speaker has championed the woman MP and that he has received an accolade from SADC and the Speaker is a beacon in that regard.

Lastly she paid tribute to development partners, staff in the ZWPC starting with Deputy Clerk Ms Dingani, Mrs Mafoko Director Research and Mrs Farai Chidongo the Secretary for ZWPC.
Administrator May 16, 201910:15 am

ZWPC members have been empowered and supported through various constituencies through various projects, good examples being Gutu South Constituency, Mutoko North and Mashonaland Central through a project known as Pass on a seed goat.

Administrator May 16, 201910:13 am

The photobook is a starting point in showcasing the work of the ZWPC and the 9th Parliament is set for greater heights in ensuring visibility of the work of women MPs through media and various publications.

Proportional Representation MPs are equal to those that have constituencies there is nothing called “Baccossi”.
Administrator May 16, 201910:10 am

Thanked the Speaker for allocating an office for the ZWPC at Parliament showed gratitude for the ZWPC secretariat for placing the ZWPC on the map.

Administrator May 16, 201910:09 am

Thanked the media for highlighting women leaders, but urged them to concentrate on their work and not their private life. Women MPs in the 8th Parliament significantly contributed to the debates in Parliament. Women’s participation in Committees has highlighted that women MPs are doing their work, but urged them to contribute more.

Administrator May 16, 201910:06 am

ZWPC saw several MPs and other Zimbabwean women undergoing cervical cancer screening. This is a step in the right direction and should be encouraged.

Administrator May 16, 201910:05 am

Women are best leaders in the world for example Swedish economy is driven by women for example the Charge de Affairs is a woman.

CSW is another platform where ZWPC also showcased and learnt from the whole world.
Administrator May 16, 201910:02 am

The 50 /50 threshold levels should be further enhanced especially during this era of the Second Republic that upholds the Constitution.

The He for She Campaign is also critical and should be encouraged among the traditional leaders and more importantly in families so that the boy child is termed young and treats his girl counterpart as an equal.
Administrator May 16, 20199:59 am

The ZWPC worked with various Civic Society Organisations to create its Women’s Manifesto and she expressed gratitude to the Development Partners.

Administrator May 16, 20199:57 am

The ZWPC was also instrumental in monitoring gender issues, and she urged the current Chairperson to continue building on the success of the ZWPC in the 8th Parliament and also strive to enlighten and empower the girl child.

Administrator May 16, 20199:55 am

ZWPC pushed for the modernisation of Family law and for the abolition of the Child Marriages in SADC PF, which was duly adopted.

Administrator May 16, 20199:53 am

The current Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Hon. M. Mutsvangwa recalls that there were 34.5 percent women representation in the 8th Parliament giving a total of 124. Of that figure 10 MPs have since passed away.

Administrator May 16, 20199:51 am

She summed up by saying that today we celebrate the work of our women leader in Parliament. As much as there are challenges and huddles on the way as women we will not give up.

Administrator May 16, 20199:49 am

Hon Kwaramba pointed that the 8th Parliament ZWPC Photobook which shows in words and pictures the achievements and challenges encountered by the women politicians and their aspirations for the future.

As you browse browse through the pages the book will show the evolution for women’s emancipation over time and their key message to society at large.
The photobook clearly sums it up and it is worthy going through it to appreciate women’s power struggles in the political arena.
Administrator May 16, 20199:44 am

The Clerk of Parliament, Mr K.M. Chokuda the Director of Ceremonies has just invited the Chairperson of the ZWPC, Hon Goodlucky Kwaramba to now give the welcome remarks.

Administrator May 16, 20199:40 am

We have now kicked off today’s programme with a word of prayer from Hon. Paurina Mpariwa the Deputy Chairperson of the ZWPC in the 8th Parliament.

Administrator May 16, 20199:33 am

As the guests started pouring in, we now have the following former female Members of Parliament gracing the occasion: Hon Beatrice Nyamupinga, Hon Zalerah Makari, Hon Jessie Majome and Hon Sabina Thembani.