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Administration of Parliament

<p>The operations and functions of Parliament Administration are inferred by its <strong>vision</strong> and <strong>mission</strong> crafted in the context of <strong>Parliamentary Reforms.</strong> The advent of Parliamentary Reforms have provided exciting challenges for the Administration of Parliament and have ushered in a new culture of work and service delivery.</p>

<p><strong>Vision</strong>To be an effective, efficient ,participatory, gender sensitive and democratic Parliament that responds to the needs and aspirations of the people</p>

<p><strong>Mission Statement</strong>To make laws for the good governance of the nation through effective representation of the people, providing oversight on the Executive Arm of  Government, other public institutions, including parastatals and scrutinizing national finances and resources</p>

<p><strong>Mandate</strong>Parliament must protect the constitution and promote democratic governance in Zimbabwe  (derived from section 119(1) of the Constitution as read with Section 117)</p>
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