ICT Department

The department works to keep abreast with all new and emerging information

and communication technologies with a view to adapting and adopting those that add value to Parliamentary business.


To provide ICT equipment, Technical support to the Administration of Parliament and the Legislators.

Mission Statement

To provide and maintain secure and user friendly information systems to



• Innovativeness and proactiveness

• Commitment to professionalism

• Objectivity and transparency

• Excellency in service

The department has overall responsibility for driving implementation and use of ICTs at Parliament. The department provides reliable and secure information and communication systems which meet the needs of the Parliament of Zimbabwe and the nation's citizens.

The department is also responsible for the following services to Parliament:
Procurement, maintenance and distribution of computer hardware,

peripherals, and computer consumables

Hardware and software support which include installation and servicing

 Software maintenance, troubleshooting, solving user problems and

assisting users whenever need arises.

Network administration

Help Desk Administration Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administration of the e-mail, intranets, extranet and internet facilities

by ensuring reliable communications and networking; and

Computer training for the officers and members.

The ICT Strategy: Background

Zimbabwe Parliamentary Reform Process commenced in 1997 and the

department's role in this process is that of harnessing the power of ICTs for

information delivery to all citizens of Zimbabwe. Accordingly, the Parliament

embarked on a process of harmonizing its ICTs with a view to appropriately

discharge its constitutional mandate. The Parliament of Zimbabwe developed an ICT strategy. The strategy is exhaustive, and has provided the framework on the best practices that can be adopted to drive parliament computerisation.

The Parliamentary constituency Informatics database and the Legislator Database are readily available on the website and is accessible by all parliament stakeholders, which includes all citizens.

An ICT Operationalisation document of the ICT strategy was produced in January 2006. This website is a product of phase 1 of the Operationalisation strategy and we are proceeding with other phases ie the Redesign of the Parliament website (2013).


The Operationalisation document seeks to adopt the use of both traditional and modern methods of communication, which will include Fibre Optic Link, Vsats, microwave radio and terrestrial links to network all constituencies. This will enable all constituencies to access each other and also to access parliament databases.

Parliament has two nodes that provide LAN/WAN services namely Parlzim and Parliament.


Parliament is an institutional member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe, and this membership has contributed towards continuous professional development of the ICT Department employees.