NSH-AfDB-SITA- 04-2018




Date: 24 May 2018


To: Bidder




  1. The Parliament of Zimbabwe and the Office of the Auditor General have received a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the Strengthening of Institutions of Transparency and Accountability Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract for which this invitation for quotations is issued.


  1. The project has three components:  (i) improved capacity and effectiveness of Parliament; (ii) enhanced capacity and effectiveness of the Office of Auditor General; and (iii) Project management support.The major activities include support to: (a) establish a Parliamentary Budget Office; (b) Parliamentary Committees; (c) Women Parliamentary Caucus to foster gender equality; (d) enhancing demand-side of accountability through partnership with key local organizations; (e) the Office of the Auditor General to improve public finance oversight and accountability; and (f) project management support.


3.       Procurement of Goods will be in accordance with the African Development Bank's (AfDB) Rules of Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Works (May 2008 Edition, revised July 2012).


  1. You are invited to submit your most competitive quotation for the library information management system: -




Library automation using KOHA Open Source Integrated Library System

KOHA has the distinction of being the first open source integrated library management system, which includes all the main functions related to library management. It is web based open source software distributed under the general public license. Parliament of Zimbabwe library intents to implement the system and is inviting qualified persons or organisation to implement KOHA.




KOHA specifications


(i)                 Supply implementing requirements

·         Barcode Scanners

·         Barcodes production

·         Barcode protectors

·         Logistics

(ii)               Features

KOHA, being a web based Integrated Library Management System (ILS), with a SQL database (My SQL preferred) with cataloguing data stored in MARC and accessible via Z39.50, the service provider is expected to configure a system that is adaptable with some of the following features for an ILS:

·         Configuration of the main KOHA Global parameter settings

·         Customization of the KOHA Interface

·         Configuration of the (OPAC) Module

·         Configuration of e-mail to send notices to library users

·         KOHA Administration

Ø  Training on using the various modules (circulation and borrower management

(reports generation, circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions system and serials management, reading lists of members, easy bar coding and other end user activities)

Ø  Use of KOHA tools (export/import etc.)

Ø  Backup and Restore


(iii)              Systems expectations

·         Openness

·         Speed

·         Flexibility

·         Improved Customer Service

·         Cataloguing Improvements

·         Easier Access

·         Stock control

·         Reports generation


5.       Bid Price:


a)       The contract shall be for the full quantity as described above. Corrections, if any, shall be made by crossing out, initialing, dating and re writing.


b)       All taxes and other levies payable shall be excluded.


c)       The rates quoted by the bidder shall be fixed for the duration of the contract and shall not be subject to adjustment on any account.


d)       All goods and related services to be supplied under the Contract should have their origin in eligible member countries of the African Development Fund. A list of the eligible member countries can be found on AfDB website. The Purchaser may, at its discretion, require the bidder to produce documentary evidence in respect of the country of origin mentioned. Each bidder shall submit only one quotation/ Alternatives are not allowed.

e)       The Purchaser will issue out a Duty Free Certificate for all imported equipment.


6.       Validity of Quotation: Quotations shall remain valid for a period not less than 90 days after the deadline date specified for submission.


  1. Quotations should be sent by completing and signing the price schedule at Annexure I enclosed and attaching any other documents required to be submitted under this invitation. You may also reply by sending a quotation on your own company’s letterhead, but the terms and conditions specified in the RFQ will take precedence over any terms and conditions stated in your quotation.


8.       Quotations shall give a comprehensive description of the proposed items, clearly indicating name, model, make etc. and should be accompanied by technical information in English, such as leaflets, brochures or catalogue pages. If the proposed items do not comply exactly with the technical specifications and descriptions provided in the RFQ, the nearest functional equivalent or closest standard should be offered as an alternative. The Supplier shall state in his bid the full name and address of the manufacturer’s representative closest to the consignee, who can provide after- sales-service, spare- parts and warranty services whose responsibility will it be to provide such after- sales-service.


  1. Any deviation from the requested specifications shall be highlighted and explained. When comparative specification tables or other tables are provided by the Purchaser, such tables shall be completed and item reference numbers should be referred to. The country of origin shall be specified for each item offered.


  1. Evaluation of Quotations: The Purchaser will evaluate and compare the quotations determined to be substantially responsive i.e. which (a) are properly signed; and (b) conform to the terms and conditions, and specifications. For the purposes of the evaluation, the rates excluding taxes and duties but including expenses like packing and forwarding, freight etc. shall be considered.


  1. The Quotations would be evaluated as a full Lot and the Award will be made on a full Lot basis.


  1. Award of contract: The Purchaser will award the contract to the bidder whose quotation has been determined to be substantially responsive and who has offered the lowest evaluated quotation price.


  1. Notwithstanding the above, the Purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any quotations and to cancel the bidding process and reject all quotations at any time prior to the award of contract.


  1. The bidder whose bid is accepted will be notified of the award of contract by the Purchaser prior to expiration of the quotation validity period. The terms of the accepted offer shall be incorporated in the purchase order.


  1. Normal commercial warranty/ guarantee (at least 12 months) shall be applicable to the supplied goods.


  1. You are requested to provide your offer latest by 10:00 hours on 11 June 2018 to the below address. Any offers received late shall not be considered.


  1. The estimated delivery period shall be 4-6 weeks after signing the contract.


  1. The Payment Terms shall be: within 30 days after certification of delivery and upon submission of original invoices.


NB: No advance payment shall be payable on the portion of the Contract Price paid to the Supplier.





We look forward to receiving your quotations and thank you for your interest in this project.


Name: The Procurement Officer

Parliament of Zimbabwe

3rd Floor, Room 313

Address: Corner Third Street/Kwame Nkrumah

 Harare, Zimbabwe

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











Quotation Submission Sheet


1)     Currency of Quotation: [Insert Currency]

2)     Delivery period offered: ………… weeks from date of Purchase Order.

3)     The validity period of this Quotation is: …… days from the date for receipt of Quotations.

4)     Warranty period (where applicable):…………months.

5)     We attach the following documents:

i.           Price Schedule completed,

ii.         A copy of our Certificate of Incorporation

iii.       A copy of our Trading Licence (valid),

iv.       A copy of our Annual Tax Clearance Certificate (for the last Financial Year),

v.         A list of recent similar contracts performed,

vi.       [Insert any other documentation required by the Purchaser].


19.   We confirm that our quotation is based on the terms and conditions stated in your Request for Quotations referenced above, and that any resulting contract will be subject to the African Development Bank's (AfDB) Rules of Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Works (May 2008 Edition, revised July 2012).

6)     We confirm that the prices quoted are fixed and firm for the duration of the validity period and will not be subject to revision or variation.



Authorised By:


















Authorised for and on behalf of:







Address: ……………………………………………………………………………………….







If any additional documentation is attached to your quotation, the terms and conditions of this RFQ prevail over any attachments.

Annex I



1.       The Price Schedule must provide a total cost for equipment as specified below.

2.       Technical descriptions for each proposed item must provide sufficient detail to allow the Purchaser to determine compliance of Bid with specifications as per Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications of this RFQ.


3.       All prices/rates quoted must be exclusive of all duties, since the SITA project, is exempt from Customs duties.


4.       The format shown below should be used in preparing the Price Schedule. The format uses a specific structure which may or may not be applicable but are indicated to serve as examples.


5.       Bidder MUST indicate the estimated delivery time for the goods.


Item Number

Item name

Unit of Measure

Qty required

Unit Price

Total Price


Barcodes, Scanners, Protectors






Operating System (OS) Installation







Installation of KOHA






Configuration-KOHA Global parameter settings






Customization of the KOHA interface






Configuration of the OPAC Module






KOHA Administration






Training (cataloguing module, circulation module, acquisition module, serials module, reports module, etc.)






Back up & Restore






Total cost of Goods, Ex-Factory




Total cost of Freight/transport




Grand Total, DAP Harare







Delivery Period: _________________ weeks from receipt of order


Mode of transportation: ________________



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